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Group activities


The most important day of your love story must be impeccable, no matter what. Even though you are willing to organize everything by yourself, it might turn out to be a nightmare. Let’s imagine both of you work and are super busy to do proper planning. Here is where Plan A comes to help you. With more than 7 years experience in wedding organization, we are proud to offer our service to you. We plan weddings for any budget, whether you wish for an intimate ceremony just for you and your beloved or a grander event for 300 people. We offer an individual approach, so you can enjoy the best day of your life.

Group activities

Team building

As a good employer you already know that having a good atmosphere in your team is the most important thing. Motivate your employees and help them feel special. At Plan A we have some of the best team building packages for corporate events such as sport activities, dinners, cocktail parties with a live show, quests in and around the city. Can you imagine a better way of building a dream team than to join forces with them and going outside the norm of the mundane corporate team building events? With more than 5 years’ experience in planning and preparing team building events for companies such as Union Suiza and Jaguar, we are happy to offer you the best organised event of the year. Let us collaborate with your event manager now or rely on us to organise everything.

Group activities

Group activities

Are you coming to Barcelona with your friends? Or maybe you are a solo traveler and would like to join a group to have more fun? Then, this section is for you! Our experts can offer you a whole array of the events: guided tours, quests, nights out, boat and pool parties, photoshoots and much more. We are  happy to help you choose accommodation and provide you with some hints and tips on the best places in and around Barcelona, absolutely free. We even have discounts for groups. Contact us for more information and we will send you the best offers according to your budget.

Group activities


It is a brilliant idea to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona! This city has so many options, due to its climate and fantastic entertainment scene. Are you coming from a cold country and craving the sun, sea and sand? We can organize for you a relaxing picnic “en la playa”. Or would you like to be a VIP for the day? Count on us to make this happen. With a whole host of boat and pool parties, quests, limousine hire, spa days, you name it, everything is possible. For our solo travelers we also offer you the chance to join groups according to your interests, so that you never feel alone. Although if you would like to spend this day alone and incognito, we have the best offers for you too.

Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party

Choosing the dress, music, flowers, food… There are so many things to be done before the wedding. But don’t forget about yourself! A bachelorette/hen party is a perfect way to celebrate those final days of being single. This should be a night to remember, spent with great company and in an amazing city, Barcelona. With its exclusive spas, clubs, restaurants and rooftop bars all with mesmerising city views, it’s the perfect place to celebrate. Worried about arranging another event? Then leave everything in our hands! We’ll create for you the party you deserve, one that you and your hens will remember for a lifetime.

Group activities

Stag party

Tired of wedding preparations and longing to while away the time just with your friends? Then we have the solution – a bucks/stag party in Barcelona! Visit the city and live a night to remember! With our great range of events you will certainly find something to suit you, whether it’s a football game at Camp Nou, extreme water sports in Canal Olimpic, sailing along Barcelona’s coast or a wild pub crawl through the bars and clubs of the city. The sky is the limit! We can guarantee you a night you will never forget. Don’t hesitate to tell us your ideas and leave all the planning to us.

Group activities


The wedding celebrations are behind, guests are sharing photos and reminiscing about the day. Your families are relaxed and happy that their kids are finally married. But what about you? Time to go back to work and reality. No way! It’s time for honeymoon! This is where you get to continue the celebrations, but alone together. At Plan A we are happy to provide you with the best ideas for your honeymoon, whether you’re looking for something calm and serene or you’re both wanting to let loose and go crazy doing the most extreme activities to get more adrenaline into your blood. Tell us more about you and we will offer you the best options for your sweet honeymoon in Spain.

Group activities


Expecting a baby is a wonderful and exciting time for both of the parents but before you welcome your new arrival, come rest and celebrate here in Spain with Plan A! Here are some things you can do at your babymoon in Barcelona:
• Take care of yourselves: sleep well, eat healthy and nutritious food, unwind and relax in the beautiful atmosphere of the city in complete comfort and safety.
• Make wonderful memories together, getting to know the city and its culture at your own pace.
• Create romantic moments on the most perfect date ever!
Let us help you create the best package for you and your partner and enjoy a unique babymoon you will never forget!


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