“It’s my birthday, im’ma spend my money.”


You don’t have to spend bucket loads in order to have your birthday celebration

With its glittering Mediterranean Sea, breath-taking views, a mass of activities to suit any preference and an impressive bounty of bars, clubs and restaurants; Barcelona is unbeatable for its party lifestyle and atmosphere. And that is why it should be your number one place to celebrate your birthday and here is why.

RELAX, JUST DO IT: We shouldn’t need an excuse to treat ourselves to a spa day but a birthday is one of those occasions where you should celebrate turning a year older in a complete state of harmony, especially if you’re freaking out over this fact! Spas are havens of relaxation. They’re designed to make you feel calm and relaxed. With a glass of cava in hand and cucumber on the eyes, they allow you the time for reflection and disconnect. Massages do wonders in eliminating toxins, relieving aches and pains and boosting blood circulation. Plus, spas can be wonderful places to spend precious time connecting and bonding with your friends and family. Everybody will come away feeling like it’s their birthday too!

OH, I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE: You want the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin but you don’t necessarily want the sand in your cracks. We get it. Beaches aren’t for everyone. That is why we love the fact that in Barcelona there are many options available to you where you can celebrate on the open water. You can charter a yacht filled with bucket loads of cava, set sail in search of sharks and tunas or dance like nobody is watching onboard a wild boat party.

LET’S DANCE: Whether you want dark and dirty dive bars to classy and elegant beachfront clubs. Or perhaps you want someone else to do the dancing whilst you sit back and absorb the Spanish culture of flamenco and tapas whilst sipping on a vermouth. Barcelona’s nightlife is thriving and there’s something here for anyone who wants to kick off their shoes and dance around their handbag until the early hours.

IF YOU GO DOWN IN THE WOODS TODAY: Barcelona is committed to preserving and improving its green spaces in the city for the benefit of all. But you don’t need to go high up into the mountains for this! It’s quite unusual to find parks or pools in the middle of the city, but in Barcelona there’s no shortage of them and they’re frequently enjoyed by all at any time of the year. You may not stumble across a teddy-bears picnic (although this can be arranged) you will certainly discover why the locals routinely roll out their blankets and spend a few hours al-fresco dining in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the city.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN: Everything is possible in Barcelona… well maybe not the escape rooms? Accept our challenge and see if you can escape in time for your next birthday. Doing an interactive quest or an escape room with family and friends is a fun way to spend a few hours sharing an experience with people you trust and people you know will work well together. If they don’t work well with you, leave them locked in the escape room. It’s your birthday, you’re allowed to.

CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES: Now we’ve convinced you to do something fun for your birthday, where do you start? There are so many options available to you, do you really have the time to pick up the phone, ring a hundred different numbers, attempt to negotiate the best deal for you and your guests? If the answer is ‘no’, then this makes us at Plan A very happy because we like nothing more than to do all the hard work for you. With over 10 years’ experience in events planning, we have built up an incredibly well trusted relationship with our partners. Unlike other agencies who add charges to the services they offer, Plan A don’t! We benefit from the commissions we receive from our partners, and not from you. The only extra charge you will incur is if you require a guide. Whilst you may think this isn’t important, let’s touch on why this can be the cherry on the top of your birthday cake.
Our guides are reliable and knowledgeable. They will entertain you by telling you stories about the history of this beautiful city, they are able to guarantee you entry to the best and exclusive clubs, score some amazing discounts in the bars but more than anything they will keep you safe. Our guides will ensure you don’t fall victim to any tourist trap schemes and take you to places where you can fully appreciate the vibrancy of this city. So be the envy of all your friends, contact us now.