Inauguration party as a success tool


Grand Opening for the birthday of your business

Congratulations! Years, months, weeks of planning have led to this very special moment in your life and we couldn’t be happier for you. You’ve made it official and now you’re ready to throw the party to end all parties and share your joy with those integral to making it happen. We can’t wait to raise a toast to you at your business launch party!

But how do you ensure that your launch party is going to be as successful as your business? You want it to start off with as much fizz inside the bottle of cava and not deflate like a limp balloon.

When holding any event, it provides a great opportunity to network, meet lots of new and interesting people and develop friendships. However; none of this is possible if you’re attending a boring event at a date and time that is not convenient for your guests. The emphasis here needs to be on your guests, not you. You want as many influential people to attend your event as possible so be mindful of any other events happening around the time you want to hold yours. Are there any major holidays or festivals, what are your guests working commitments? Therefore; it’s imperative that you propose a date and time suitable enough that your valued guests can attend and that once they are there, they are happy and having a great time. This means that you will genuinely need to interact with them. You’re having a launch party and you’re there to sell your product. The product is an extension of yourself so don’t be boring and forgettable, give your guests and event they will remember and embed trust and loyalty within your brand. Don’t forget things like music and entertainment and food and drink should be a given. You may think that this can be achieved by throwing a lavish soirée but if this isn’t what your brand is about, then don’t do what everyone else does. Know your audience and throw an event that makes sense for your company, shows your personality and show off what makes you and your company special. And don’t do it alone. Plan A are always on hand to help, ease any pressures and with our vast knowledge on events and incredible working relationships with industry professionals will already put your business on the path to success.

If you really want to promote your business, then you should consider encouraging social media engagement from yourself and your guests. Before the event, try to engage people on social media whilst promoting your product. Entice them in beforehand with offers to try your product or service and ask/encourage them to use social media to share with the rest of the world. It’s always a good idea to customise your own personal hashtags which can also be used on any promotional material. But be careful with how much information you give out on social media. Yes, you want to draw people to your event, but don’t offer things that will only fill up the place with people who are there to take what they can get for free and don’t have a genuine interest in your product. Hiring an event planning service, like Plan A is an excellent way to ensure that you attract the right people if you are not social media savvy and don’t know the difference between a hashtag and a tweet.

Now, everybody loves a freebie. It’s the cherry on top of the cake at any event so why not butter up your guests a little more and give them a little gift as a token of your appreciation. We’re not talking diamonds or flash cars but consider something that will remind them of your company. Be creative in what you offer and chances are you will score a few extra brownie points from those highly valued customers.

Naturally in life, things go wrong or don’t run as smoothly as expected and live events are no exception. In the event of this happening, it’s always a good idea to prepare for this possibility and have a back-up plan if part or parts of the event don’t go to plan. Our best advice is to be really organised and hire Plan A for your event planning needs. We will ensure that things will go right and your launch event will be the perfect way to ensure your business starts on a positive foot.

Photo made by Plan A in the inauguration party of Done in Secret beauty salon